Wednsday 3/12

IMovie can help organize information in many ways here’s a few ways. First, you can have pictures for what your talking about in a movie. Next, also you can retake a video in a speech you can easily say something wrong or studder. Lastly, you don’t have to actually talk in front of of people and get nervous.

Monday 3/10

IMovie can help me in a lot of ways in my personal life here are a few ways. First, if I haven’t seen a family relative in a while I can make them a video and send it to them. Also, I can use it to make funny youtube videos.

Wednsday 2/26

There are a lot of good qualities for a good presenter here are a few. First, they know what to say so they don’t have to keep looking at the presentation. Also, they keep eye contact with the audience, Also, they are nice and loud so they audience can here them good. Lastly, they speak nice and clear and don’t studer. They are a few examples of a good presenter.

Tuesday 2/25

Slide presentations would be a very good to use for a school assignment. First, because it is very easy to organize information. Also, because you can have fun with it when your decorating the slides. Lastly, because it is easy to use and wont have trouble with it. That is why it is good to use a slide presentation.

Monday 2/24

There are many things I like about powerpoint here are a few. First, you can change what the slides look like. Also, you don’t always have to keep clicking to change the slide it can automatically change. They are features I like about powerpoint.

Wednesday, 2/19

I think the perfect occupation for using Google Spreadsheet is a teacher. First, because you need to print out the grades for a student at the end of a marking period. Next, because they can also use it to organize their class schedule. Lastly, if they need to organize seating charts. That is why Google Spreadsheet is useful if you are a teacher.

Thursday 1/30

I used a computer a lot for school projects. For example used power-point for a project when we had to do research for an author. Also, I used prezi for a social studies project. Last an application I hope we use and is prezi because it is very helpful on organizing topics and it is fun to use.

Wednsday 1/28

I think it is very beneficial to students to use their cell phones in class for educational purposes. First, because students can copy down notes on their phones so to study all they need to take home is your phone. Also, students can take pictures of pictures up on the board so they don’t have to copy down all the notes.